If you would like to commission a special piece of jewellery please contact me to discuss your ideas. When we have agreed on a design, I can then advise on pricing and timing.

Below are examples of some of my more recent commissions:

A jug brooch as a gift for the wonderful potter Natalie Bonney!

This was a special though particularly challenging commission to enclose a small red pebble retrieved from the bottom of the Aegean Sea off Greece in a grecian style temple topped with rose gold to be hung as a pendant no more than 2cm high.


I used the format and framework of one of my picture pendants for this specially requested piece for an elephant - lover!

 I do not tend to make pairs of cuff-links except as commissions and these were designed specifically for a very senior British Physicist. It was a really interesting challenge to be able to combine a technical representation with a stand alone creative design. Even more rewarding was the knowledge that soon after receiving the cuff-links he wore them to Buckingham Palace to collect an M.B.E.

This is another example of the range of different charms that I am happy to explore. These hands of Fatima or Hamsa Hands again involved me in some great research. It is always a challenge to try and get large amounts of detail onto something small. As all my etches are totally freehand they will never be either 'perfect' or the same!

This is a simple example of how I used one of my standard square etched pendants and made an entirely different piece by attaching it to an existing string of large turquoise beads and designing a matching clasp.

Three peas in a pod pendant (5cm) and matching charm (1.5cm) in silver.

 This was a lovely commission and very different from my usual style. I have to confess that the charm was made in error. I relied on my memory rather than my order book before I started on the pea pod and got the size completely wrong. Needless to say I was able to use the small charm version as a prototype for the larger pendant!
 These beautiful chunky rings were created as his'n'hers engagement rings (far right) with matching wedding rings ( left). They looked really good together though only the engagement rings are currently being worn!

Another lovely commission this time for a twenty first birthday present.
Two fine 2mm bangles were joined together by 21 large jump rings - 20 in silver and 1 in rose gold from which hung a chunky silver heart charm with a cut out initial.
Each ring was textured to catch the light and the weight of the item and the movement of the rings worked really well.

 These were both variations on my standard items:
Left - textured earrings in rose gold with silver wire wrap.
Right - silver daisy pendant with rose gold nugget.

This chunky bangle was personalised with an initial charm (silver with rose gold nugget) and five jump rings in a mixture of textured silver and gold.


A variety of heart charms were added to this double bangle set including a small etched and oxidised heart and a chunky 'dotty' heart with rose gold nugget.

This long chunky necklace was designed around existing gold charms from an inherited gold bracelet. With the addition of silver chain and charms the piece was given interest and brought up to date.

This chunky square pendant and matching drop earrings in hammered silver with 9ct yellow gold hearts was commissioned to match a previously ordered charm.

This was a special design for a new Rotary International group who did not want to wear more traditional regalia.

The solid silver emblem was etched and patinated to depict the logo and the badge of office  (I also made a piece for the Vice-President). It has a strong magnet attached to the back and can be worn, therefore, as a badge or as a necklace with ribbon threaded through the cut -outs of the rotary cog.

This was another unusual commission to mount a large, old (1784) and very heavy 5 kopek Russian copper coin so that it could be worn as a pendant without concealing any of the wonderful and elaborate details.

(l) front                back(r)

Here two very different pendants:
On the far right a variation on my popular wave pendant here with a central inset gold nugget with a small silver nugget set on either side.

On the immediate right, a chunky silver 'ingot' style pendant with cut-outs for a special twenty-first birthday present.


This large orchid pin in silver with yellow gold detail was specially commissioned by an award-winning florist.

(l) A set of three matching rings with subtle differences - silver with rose and yellow gold.

(r) A pair of matching wedding rings - silver with rose gold rivets.

A pair of matching wedding rings - silver with a rose gold nugget on a silver jump ring.

Running hare dressage pin - silver.

Special pieces designed around hand-cut and polished gems from India - a beautiful oval moonstone in the silver and gold pendant (l) and a stunning round star ruby in the chunky silver ring (r).

Large flower pin brooch with patinated silver honey bee.

(l) Diamond 'picture-pendant' with yellow gold textured design riveted through with rose gold on silver wire swirl.

(l) Rectangular silver pendant - acid-etched frame with initial design raised & patinated (oxidised).

These fine bangles were designed to complement existing gold bangles which were repaired with plain tubing.

Chunky open and solid fish charms designed for a Piscean!

Large and medium sized 'Morvoren' (mermaid) brooches. Limited edition with silver torso, fine silver wire knitted tail with freshwater pearl drop beads and etched copper hair.
 Knitted fine silver wire with
sprung & riveted clasp.

Acid-etched & patinated

 silver cuff set with large  amethyst.

 Large silver base ring with four surface rings - two fixed and two free. Small moonstone cabouchon.
Acid-etched & patinated silver butterfly pendant. Fully articulated wings set with small sapphire and emerald cabouchons.


My cockerel pin brooch.