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Bangles form a large part of my jewellery collection with designs varying from delicate and lightly textured to chunky statement pieces which can be worn on their own.

Prices depend very much on the weight of the silver used and whether gold wrap, rings or charms are included. Typically, the finest silver only bangle will start at less than £30 and rise to over £90 for the chunkiest. Gold wrap bangles start at over £50.


Everyone knows that it is essential to have a ring that is the correct size - it is just as important with a bangle. These should be JUST large enough to pass over the hand and not too big that they fall down from the wrist to constrict the hand during normal wear.
I always make a range of sizes and if ordering without being able to try them on the best way to ensure the correct size is to find out the internal diameter of an existing well-fitting bangle. Also be aware that a heavier and chunkier bangle, especially one with a square or rectangular profile,  will be more difficult to fit over the hand than a fine one and should normally, therefore, be a little larger. Sizes will generally be between 61mm and 68mm.

My range of bangles can be categorised broadly as having either a round or square profile and a diameter varying from a fine 2mm to a heavyweight 4mm. All are solid silver (not hollow) and individually hallmarked. Those with 9ct gold wrap or loose rings with have a double hall-mark.


Extremely popular, these are textured bangles with a wire wrap of either silver or 9ct yellow or rose gold. They can be worn individually but look fabulous if put together as a set in either 2mm or 2.5mm profiles. I have a range of different textures which I use so within a 'set' no one bangle will be the same. Chunkier wire wraps also look great on bangles especially in contrasting gold wire.

2mm silver bangles with varying textures and wire wraps

These 2.5mm bangles with contrasting gold wrap are solid enough to be worn on their own.

Silver, rose gold and yellow gold wire wraps on 2mm and 2.5mm silver bangles

It is often nice to be able to co-ordinate jewellery, and a lot of the textures I use on my bangles are also used on my rings. A fairly new design of mine (dotty) works particularly well either on the front or sides of a bangle  / ring. It is also set off well either with a wire wrap or 3 loose rings in silver and rose and yellow gold. 


I classify anything with a diameter of 3mm or over as chunky and always aim to maintain stock 3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm.

A selection of round and square profile bangles from 3mm to 4mm


Sometimes I add charms to individual bangles - this is also a lovely way to personalise a gift. Alternatively, I can combine complementary bangles to form a set either with a single charm or with textured rings as part of the design.


 A particularly popular gift is a pair of the finer 2mm bangles joined either with a silver heart charm with a nugget in either silver, yellow or rose 9ct gold or with three loose rings  pictured right and above previously.




(left) Round-hammered 3mm bangle with double nugget charm

(above) 2.4mm square profile bangles with etched heart charm


(above) Three fine 2mm bangles combined to form a set with three textured rings

(l) Jump rings look particularly effective when silver and gold are contrasted. Here a 3mm bangle is complemented by silver and rose gold rings

In addition to those illustrated above I have a wide range of acid-etched charms which can be added to bangles of your choice. These include paw-prints, fishing boats, anchors, St. Piran flag and Cornish engine-houses to name but a few.


A very popular choice of bangle especially for a gift as it can be adjusted to fit all sizes of hand and wrist - delicate in appearance, it is extremely versatile.

Made from three lengths of silver wire plaited together and wrapped around with more wire the 'twig' can be closed tight against the wrist or left to fall loose. The wire wrap can also be in gold if required.