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    All my cuffs are made using sheets of 0.50mm sterling silver. These I hammer and texture, folding over the edges to create strength but without weight. This makes my cuffs extremely easy to wear - comfortable to put on and take off and light enough not to make your arm ache!

    Finished widths vary from 2.5cm to 5.5cm and I use a selection of different hammers to create a range of textured finishes. My plain cuffs are extremely popular but to my basic designs I add details such as flowers, hearts or abstract designs with rivets in both silver and/or gold.

    Prices start from £68 for a simple very narrow cuff rising up to £200 for a wide, highly decorated cuff incorporating gold detail.

Whilst I aim to maintain a stock of my undecorated cuffs in differing widths and textures, decorated cuffs are made on request only.

Wide, 5.5 cm cuff, rough hammered with two large
silver flowers.

Flowers have central spirals and rivets one in sterling silver and the other in 9ct rose gold.

Wide 5.5 cm cuff with central square hammered texture.    

Three square links riveted in silver and 9ct yellow gold.   


Medium wide cuff (4.5 cm) with linear texture and double heart design riveted with 9ct rose gold rivets
wide cuff (5.5 cm) with central square hammered finish.

Narrow cuff 3.5 cm, linear texture with single heart design riveted with 9ct rose gold.

Round hammered medium cuff (4.5cm) - undecorated.

Rough hammered wide cuff (5.5cm) - undecorated.


Wide (5.5 cm) rough hammered cuff with large abstract leaf design riveted in silver and raised above surface.

Very narrow (2.5 cm) rough hammered cuffs with abstract details in silver and yellow gold. Rivets in silver, yellow gold and rose gold.

Two more narrow cuffs - these have more yellow gold detailing in their designs but again have highlights with silver and rose gold rivets.