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Whilst I am fairly often asked to make items of gentlemen's jewellery (rings, bangles and cuff-links ) the vast majority of my customers are female. In an attempt to expand the type of items that can be seen as suitable for both men and women I have found some really chunky solid silver key-rings to which I solder charms. These can of course be made specific by request or be adapted from my normal range. Below are a few examples with prices starting at £25.




This is a very popular range of mine especially the small silver flower pins which start at £32. They are extremely versatile and, with their fine pin look equally good on a lightweight fabric as on, for example, a coat or jacket lapel. They also make an excellent, unusual and unique gift for women of all age-groups.

Daisy, tulip, daffodil - my Spring collection of small pins
Large Sunflower - a stunning statement piece

My most popular flower pin - here with a silver nugget raised on a gold ring

Two more small pins, one with a central gold nugget and the other daisy with a solid pitted silver nugget


Other popular designs
  include this medium sized, delicate, matt narcissus and a double-layered primrose alongside a different version of the silver tulip

Large flower pin with honey -bee. This was a specially commissioned piece and particularly eye-catching.

These pins are variations on old favourites:
'Isambard', Daisies and Sunflower


Both these pins were made as special requests - variations on my silver pins with central gold nuggets.

Large matching daisy studs were made for the daisy pin on the right.


In response to many requests I have added cuff-links to my collection. I intend to increase the number of designs and to experiment with the backings but for now, here are two pairs I made earlier!
Chunky 'round' links with large silver nuggets and oxidised 'dotty' texture

Fine oval links with gold nuggets on a textured triangle