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Rose Pendant with hidden bail (approx 3.5 - 4 cm diameter)

Leaf Pendant with exposed bail


Two new styles to add to my original large etched designs.

These all work well with either my small etched studs or the larger drop earrings.

Chunky Square Pendants.

Etched with a 'frame' around the edge and oxidised to bring design into relief.

These chunky pendants all have a central etched square which can either be plain and hung either square on or on the diagonal, or have a raised pattern such as a heart or, as here, a flower. The three to the right are 3cm square and have textured surrounds. The pendant on the left is 2.5cm square and has a plain surround.

This design can also be augmented with gold which is brought in to strong contrast with the black patination of the oxidised silver. I also make matching earrings either in stud form or as drops.


This is a selection of smaller etched pendants all approximately 2.5cm square. Again designs can be hung from the diagonal as well as the square.

Another variation on shape gives a simple but effective large triangle drop. Here it is hung from an integral tube bail through which a snake chain can be threaded.


Wave Pendant with Nugget

Fine & wide textured pendants

Square wire with either a fine or wide texture.

Silver or gold
nugget can be plain or mounted on a ring.
Detail of wide texture
With Rose gold nugget
This image shows just how different the pendants can be as you move from a simple single 'wave', add a single nugget and then another parallel wave with the nugget set within a ring. All can be made to a desired length and have different textures.

Double Crescent Pendant with Nugget

As with the wave pendant this double crescent comprises textured square wire with a silver nugget.

Options relate to type of texture (normally fine or wide), size of either silver or gold nugget and mounting.

Matching studs and earrings are available for both the crescent and wave pendants.

Double Twist Pendant

This is one of my original and most popular designs. It is very easy to wear and sits beautifully within a v-neck or open blouse in particular.

It is made with round silver wire hammered and then twisted into a double loop onto which nuggets are soldered.

You can also choose from a selection of matching studs and drop earrings.

Double Swirl Pendant

With its fuller outline this pendant works especially well on wider open necklines, though it also looks good nestling in an open blouse.

Hammered round wire is twisted into swirls at each end and then shaped and brought together. Small nuggets are soldered onto the swirls and a fixed bail made from a wire wrap.

You will find coordinating studs and earrings elsewhere in the gallery.

Solid Heart Pendant

Chunky silver heart pendant in 'dotty' design. Heart set on tube bail with threaded silver snake chain.
Lovely simple but effective design.



These are formed in a similar way to my cuffs, starting with sheet silver which is folded and hammered to form a 'frame' for my picture. Sometimes I keep the frame empty and simply texture the plain silver, other times I solder or rivet my designs into the frame to form a picture. Sizes, shapes, textures and designs vary but the results are unique and almost always elicit comment!

Single flower in a pot with central rose gold rivet against an oxidised background.

Abstract leaf design against a textured background with cut outs.

Plain Pendant with round hammered texture

 Sailing Yacht

(l) Small picture pendant with large daisy and leaves

(r) Abstract flower and bud design

As with many of my pieces I often add some gold detailing to my silver designs. Just a small amount of yellow or rose gold, as in a flower or a rivet alters the overall impact. Pictured below are some of my recent designs.